AB - abrasion
AL - attachment level
APG - apexogenesis
APX - apexification
AT - attrition
B - biopsy
B/E - biopsy excisional
B/I - biopsy incisional
BG - bone graft (includes placement of bone substitute or bone stimulant material)
C - canine
CA - caries
CBU - core build up
CFL - cleft lip
CFL/R - cleft lip repair
CFP - cleft palate
CFP/R - cleft palate repair
CMO - cranio-mandibular osteopathy
CR - crown
CR/M - crown metal
CR/P - crown preparation
CR/PFM - crown porcelain fused to metal
CRA - crown amputation
CRL - crown lengthening
CRR - crown reduction
CS - culture/sensitivity
CWD - crowding
DT - deciduous (primary) tooth
DTC - dentigerous cyst
E - enamel
E/D - enamel defect
E/H - enamel hypocalcification or hypoplasia
F - flap
F/AR - apically repositioned periodontal flap
F/CR - coronally repositioned periodontal flap
FE - furcation exposure
F/L - lateral sliding periodontal flap
FB - foreign body
FGG - free gingival graft
FRE - frenoplasty (frenotomy, frenectomy)
FX - fracture (tooth or jaw)
FX/R - repair of jaw fracture
FX/R/P - pin repair of jaw fracture
FX/R/PL - plate repair of jaw fracture
FX/R/S - screw repair of jaw fracture
FX/R/WIR - wire repair of jaw fracture
FX/R/WIR/C - cerclage wire repair of jaw fracture
FX/R/WIR/ID - interdental wire repair of jaw fracture
FX/R/WIR/O - osseous wire repair of jaw fracture
G - granuloma
G/B - buccal granuloma (cheek chewing lesion)
G/E/L - eosinophilic granuloma–lip
G/E/P - eosinophilic granuloma–palate
G/E/T - eosinophilic granuloma–tongue
G/L - sublingual granuloma (tongue chewing
GH - gingival hyperplasia/hypertrophy
GR - gingival recession
GTR - guided tissue regeneration
GV - gingivoplasty (gingivectomy)
I1,2,3 - Incisor teeth
IM - impression and model
IMP - implant
IO - interceptive (extraction) orthodontics
IO/D - interceptive orthodontics deciduous (primary) tooth
IO/P - interceptive orthodontics permanent (secondary) tooth
IP - inclined plane
IP/AC - acrylic inclined plane
IP/C - composite inclined plane
IP/M - metal (i.e. lab produced) inclined plane
IRR - internal root resorption
LAC - laceration
LAC/B - laceration buccal (cheek)
LAC/L - laceration lip
LAC/T - laceration tongue
M1,2,3 - molar teeth
MAL - malocclusion
MAL/1 - class I malocclusion (normal jaw relationship, specific teeth are incorrectly positioned)
MAL/2 - class II malocclusion (mandible shorter than maxilla)
MAL/3 - class III malocclusion (maxilla shorter than mandible)
MAL/AXB - anterior crossbite
MAL/BN - base narrow mandibular canine tooth
MAL/PXB - posterior crossbite
MAL/WRY - wry bite
MN - mandible or mandibular
MN/FX - mandibular fracture
MX - maxilla or maxillary
MX/FX - maxillary fracture
OA - orthodontic appliance
OA/BKT - bracket orthodontic appliance
OA/BU - button orthodontic appliance
OA/EC - elastic (power chain) orthodontic appliance
OA/WIR - wire orthodontic appliance
OAA - orthodontic appliance adjust
OAI - orthodontic appliance install
OAR - orthodontic appliance remove
OC - orthodontic/genetic consultation
OM - oral mass
OM/AD - adenocarcinoma
OM/EPA - acanthomatous ameloblastoma (epulis)
OM/EPF - fibromatous epulis
OM/EPO - osseifying epulis
OM/FS - fibrosarcoma
OM/LS - lymphosarcoma
OM/MM - malignant melanoma
OM/OS - osteosarcoma
OM/PAP - papillomatosis
OM/SCC - squamous cell carcinoma
ONF - oronasal fistula
ONF/R - oronasal fistula repair
OR - orthodontic recheck
OST - osteomyelitis
PC - pulp capping
PC/D - pulp capping direct
PC/I - pulp capping indirect
PCT - perioceutical treatment
PD0 - normal periodontium
PD1 - gingivitis only
PD2 - < 25%attachment loss
PD3 - 25-50% attachment loss
PD4 - >50% attachment loss
PDI - periodontal disease index
PE - pulp exposure
PM1,2,3,4 - premolar teeth
PT - palatal trauma
PRO - periodontal prophylaxis (examination, scaling, polishing, irrigation)
PU - pulpitis
R - restoration of tooth
R/A - restoration with amalgam
R/C - restoration with composite
R/CP - restoration with compomer
R/I - restoration with glass ionomer
RAD - radiograph
RC - root canal therapy
RC/S - surgical root canal therapy
RD - retained deciduous (primary) tooth
RE - root exposure
RL - resorption lesion
RL1 - RL into enamel only
RL2 - RL into dentin
RL3 - RL into pulp or root canal
RL4 - RL3 + extensive structural damage
RL5 - RL crown lost, root tips remain
RPC - root planing--closed
RPO - root planing--open
RRT - retained root tip
RRX - root resection (crown left intact)
ROT - rotated tooth
S - surgery
S/M - mandibulectomy
S/P - palate surgery
S/X - maxillectomy
SC - subgingival curettage
SN - supernumerary
SPL - splint
SPL/AC - acrylic splint
SPL/C - composite splint
SPL/WIR - wire reinforced splint
ST - stomatitis
ST/CU - stomatitis--contact ulcers
ST/FFS - stomatitis--feline faucitis-stomatitis
SYM - symphysis
SYM/S - symphyseal separation
SYM/WIR - wire repair of symphyseal separation
T - tooth
T/A - avulsed tooth
T/FX - fractured tooth
T/I - impacted tooth
T/LUX - luxated tooth
T/NE - near pulp exposure
T/NV - non-vital tooth
T/PE - pulp exposure
T/V - vital tooth
TMJ - temporomandibular joint
TMJ/C - temporomandibular joint condylectomy
TMJ/D TMJ - dysplasia
TMJ/FX TMJ - fracture
TMJ/LUX TMJ - luxation
TMJ/R - reduction of TMJ luxation
TP - treatment plan
TRX - tooth partial resection (e.g. hemisection)
VPT - vital pulp therapy
X - simple closed extraction of a tooth
XS - extraction with tooth sectioning, non-surgical
XSS - surgical (open) extraction of a tooth
Table of Contents
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Small Animal Dental Anatomy, Pathology, and Charting
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Malignant Oral Masses
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