Feline Resorption Lesion Stages/Types

  • Stage 1 (RL 1) extend into cementum only on the root surface. At one time, stage 1 referred to lesions that only involved enamel. This definition is outdated.
  • Stage 2 (RL2) have destroyed a significant amount of dentin and cementum but has spared the pulp.
  • Stage 3 (RL3) enter the pulp without extensive crown destruction.
  • Stage 4 (RL4 ) have extensive root and crown damage.
  • Stage 5 (RL5) lack a clinical crown but root fragments remain on radiographs.
  • Type I lesions arise in the cervical area of the tooth and extend inward and/or up and down the root. Type I lesions are inflammatory in nature. Radiographically Type I lesions have relatively normal root structure.
  • The more common Type II lesion begins subgingivally. Radiographically the roots appear to be resorbing. The periodontal ligament will not be readily recognizable due to ankylosis in Type II lesions.

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Stage 2 (RL2)
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Radiograph showing enamel and dentin involvement
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Stage 3 (RL3) mandibular first molar

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Radiograph showing resorption into the pulp of the mandibular third premolar
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Stage 4 partial crown remains (RL4)
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Stage 5 crown cannot be visualized (RL5)

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Radiograph showing remaining root fragment in stage 5 resorptive lesion

Type 1
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Note, cervical lesion on the fourth premolar with normal appearing apical root structure
Type 2
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Root replacement resorption and ankylosis of the mandibular canines

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