Probe Evaluation of Periodontal Disease

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What sometimes appears as gingivitis (inflammation) may be periodontal disease (bone loss)

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Notice Millimeter Markings on Periodontal Probe. Normally the Probe Should Extend 2mm Below the Gum Line
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Application of Peridontal Probe into Interproximal Space Sulcus. Note the Probe Reads Seven Millimeters.
Visual Appearance does not Always Indicate the Degree of Bone Loss

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Flap Surgery Exposing the first Molar Root Prior to Apical Reposition to Eliminate the Pocket.

Table of Contents
Smile Book I
Common Dental Problems and Procedures
Jan Bellows, D.V.M. Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College
Section 1: Extraction of Retained Deciduous Teeth
Section 2: Periodontal Disease
Stage I: Gingivitis
Stage II: Gingivitis
Probe Evaluation
Stage III: Periodontitis
Apical Repositioned Flap
Extraction for Stage IV
Treatment of Gingival Hyperplasia
Furcation Salvage Therapy
Section 3: Endodontics
Section 4: Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions
Section 5: Feline Stomatitis Syndrome
Section 6: Orthodontics

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