The Tools

Radical chemicals and Insta-veloper (Microcopy)

Chairside or automatic processor (Henry Schein)

Automatic processor (AFP Imaging)

Plastic film clips (AFT Imaging)

Stainless film clip holding processed film

Four containers in chairside developer (developer, water, fixer, water)

In a 75 degree environment, film is placed in developer for 20 seconds, followed by 1 min. in water, 1 min. in fix, 1 min. in water. Film can then be read. To complete the process, place film back in water for five minutes before drying and permanent storage.

Table of Contents
Smile Book II
Dental Radiology
Jan Bellows, D.V.M. Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College
About the Author
Section 1: Getting Started - The Tools
The Radiograph Machine
The Film
The Film Dot
Film Processing
Trouble Shooting Dental Film
Section 2: Getting Started - What to Look For
Section 3: Identifying Possible Problems
Section 4: Aids for Explaining Radiology to Clients

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