Periodontal Disease - Radiological Diagnosis

Normal periodontium - Normal appearing lamina dura and periodontal space (black arrow). Alveolar crest (white arrow) at the same level as cemento enamel junction (CEJ).

Horizontal bone loss

Vertical bone loss

Early grade 3 Periodontal disease. Notice regression of alveolar crest below the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ).

Advanced grade 3 Periodontal disease - Less than 50% bone loss around roots

Grade 4 Periodontal disease - Greater than 50% bone loss around distal root of mandibular fourth premolar

Mandibular fracture due to bone loss from advanced periodontal disease

Furcation exposures

Normal-appearing gingiva around maxillary incisors (5 year old Maltese dog)

Radiographs show marked bone loss around central incisor (5 year old Maltese dog)

Flap surgical exposure showing bone loss (5 year old Maltese dog)

Splinted incisors after guided tissue regeneration (GTR) implant placed. (5 year old Maltese dog)

Gingival recession around maxillary canine (6 year old mixed breed dog)

Marked bone loss around canine with moderate appearing recession (6 year old mixed breed dog)

Minimal inflammation around canine teeth (10 year old feline)

8 mm probe depth (10 year old feline)

Advanced loss of bone support around canines due to periodontal disease (10 year old feline)

Feline gingiva recession apical to mandibular molar (4 year old cat)

Marked bone loss mesial root mandibular molar (4 year old cat)

Root exposure prior to extraction (4 year old cat)

Minimal-appearing gingiva recession (5 year old Labrador Retriever)

Marked bone loss around distal root of mandibular fourth premolar (5 year old Labrador Retriever)

Surgical exposure of affected root (5 year old Labrador Retriever)

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