Professional Teeth Cleaning
No other procedure performed on small animals does more to help patients than periodic teeth cleaning and after care.
Image 15.1. Ultrasound cleaning
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Qualified veterinary dental technician ultrasonically cleaning dog's teeth
Image 15.2. Ultrasonic scaler
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Working surface mid point

Image 15.3. Subgingival scaling
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Cleaning calculus from below the gumline with curret
Image 15.4. Polishing
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Image 15.5. Fluoride use
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Fluoride used to decrease discomfort and harden enamel
Image 15.6. Intraoral radiograph
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Intraoral radiographs taken to evaluate degree of periodontal disease

Image 15.7. Technician charting the mouth
Technician charting the mouth
Certified veterinary technician examing each tooth after cleaning
Image 15.8. Veterinary technician cleaning teeth to treat halitosis
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Image 15.9. Tooth Brushing
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Image 15.10. Tooth stain
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Image 15.11. Toothbrushing
Proper technique involves applying the bristles at a 45 degree angle to the gingiva
Image 15.12. Finger Toothbrushes
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Image 15.13. Breath Tablets
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4. Orthodontics
5. Periodontics
6. Crown Preparation
7. Feline Dentistry
8. Dental Pediatrics
9. Exotic Dentistry
10. Jaw Fractures
11. Radiology
12. Instruments
13. Materials
14. Equipment
15. Professional Teeth Cleaning
16. Developmental Abnormalities
17. Oral Surgery
18. The Dental Chart
19. Dental Terminology
20. Case Study (endo-perio)
21. Case Study (Avulsed tooth)
22. Case Study (Fractured Premolar)
23. Case Study (Interesting Kitty Case)
24. Case Study (Reason to Radiograph)
25. Case Study (Crown reduction)
26. Case Study (Ouch)
27. Case Study (Cystic Mass)
28. Case Study (Oral Nasal Fistula)
29. Case Study (TM Ankylosis)


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