Case Study (Reason to Radiograph)

3 year old Beagle in for follow up endo radiogrpahs on maxillary 4th pms. We radiographed the tooth in question and the the mandibluar canines. This is how the teeth visually appeared.

Image 1.
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radiograph of the area

Image 2.
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Image 3.
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I treated it with conventional endodontics-cheesy debris in pulp chamber. Considered opening up the area of bone loss and packing with Consil but decided to follow with serial films now that the canal is clean and sealed.

Image 4.
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Teeth that are fractured with pulpal exposure (black spot in middle) are infected. Those with a shiny brown spot may have pulp exposure. Even though the dog does not appear to be in pain--this dog did not show any signs even though its mandible was resorbing, the only therapy options to arrest the disease are either root canal therapy or extraction. After you have entered hundreds of canals of fractured teeth and see what is inside you would agree. Here is a picture of the material removed from this case.

Here is the picture of the cheesy pulpal contents
Image 5.
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